Subjectif; Le dédain

"le dédain" dessin | encre sur papier et mylar 2022

Subjective; Disdain

The drawings by visual artist Serge Gilles Richard, titled Subjective; Disdain, Salainis, and Entanglement, explore the dark and complex emotions of shame, evil, rejection, and shelter. Presented at la Galerie12 in September 2022, the installation featured the drawings on centred dining tables in a low-lit room, allowing the observer to view the pieces from all standpoints.

Les dessins intitulés Subjective ; Disdain, Salainis, et Entanglement, explorent les émotions sombres et complexes de la honte, du mal, du rejet et du refuge. Présentée à la Galerie12 en septembre 2022, l’installation présentait les dessins sur des tables à manger centrées dans une pièce faiblement éclairée, permettant à l’observateur de voir les pièces de tous les points de vue.

Subjective; Disdain portrays a figure with a distorted, grimacing face, conveying a sense of contempt and disgust. The distorted lines and shapes of the drawing create a sense of unease and discomfort, mirroring the emotions of disdain.

Salainis, on the other hand, portrays a more abstract and fragmented image, with jagged lines and shapes representing the chaotic and tangled emotions of shame and rejection. The disjointed composition reflects the feeling of being trapped and ensnared in a web of negative emotions.

Lastly, Entanglement shows a figure curled up in a fetal position, seeking shelter and protection from an unseen threat. The use of dark, muted colours adds to the feeling of isolation and vulnerability, highlighting the desperate need for refuge from the outside world.




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