1. How much does a mural cost?

Price varies so much from project to project and even from area to area (demographics) and depending on the ease or complexity and research of the project for example my rates may vary from around $50 to $100/hr within Atlantic Canada.

Rates for coming to your home or place of business and hand-painting a mural for you is an average of $70 per hour. This rate reflects the skill, experience and quality I offer in my work. Personally hand-painted artwork of the highest quality is not a cheap investment, it takes time, care, and attention to detail. A simple mural may take only a day or two, a complex mural painted on one wall can take on average between 5 and 10 days, and an average room mural takes somewhere between 15 and 30 days to complete. More complex designs and larger rooms may take a little longer, so the costs can range from a few hundred pounds for simpler designs, up to many thousands for complex whole room designs. Having said that estimate are carefully evaluated and although can be considered ‘ball park figures’ change little from start to finish.

NOTE; Any client alternation(s) added through the project will increase the price. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars. For specific inquiries please contact me detailing your request.

2. Our house is very clean and we want to make sure no over-spray of any kind goes or stays on our furniture during and after your mural is done. What’s your protocol on that?

I have the utmost respect for your private home and location. Any projects which involve medium to heavy spraying, for example, are carefully ‘boxed in’ and surrounding furniture covered with a drop cloth and the like. The light mist of airbrush has never been and issue with over-spray and therefor requires little or no masking other then its immediate area. We always work with an approved drop cloth on the floor, shoes are left at the entrance, if the project is more then one day the working area is always tidy up and covered over with a clean drop cloth before leaving.

3. How long does it take you from start to finish a mural?

Since each murals or faux-finishing is unique and particular to individual projects, there are no definite answers. The painting process can take anywhere from a few days to a month or longer, depending on the detail, size and difficulty factors. Generally most of my mural jobs have lasted from one to three weeks, with larger jobs taking two or three months.

4. What is your schedule and roughly when can you start?

Although I my time is ‘flexible’ as far as time of the week goes, it best to contact me since my weekly schedule and availability changes so much from week to week.

Still got questions? Wondering about specific or general thing in regards to my work and services? Please feel free and ask away here, or simply send your inquiry by e-mail or via the site’s ‘Contact Form’

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