Artist Statement

My work in photography and sculpture explores the paradox between the desire to feel free and the rejection of personal and social responsibility towards the environment and humankind.

Photo: Rachelle Richard-Léger

My subjects in photography tend toward landscapes, atmospheric surroundings and the microcosmic world of our forests, documenting moments as they appear before my eyes. I often contemplate my surroundings and in my most recent work, focusing mainly on the landscapes of Acadia, my intention is to invite viewers to explore their own perspective, both on the works exhibited as well as humans’ relationship with the environment.

My sculpted pieces arise from musing and experimentation. I sometimes combine both found objects and ones I have created based on my interpretation of parts of nature I observe in the field. For instance micro details of a leaf or the wing of a dragonfly becomes translated into fused glass or forged metal or carved piece of wood. I integrate textures of metal, an omnipresent material throughout the industrialized world, wood, which is soft and workable, and glass whose translucence I use as a way of conveying intimacy and introspection. I often include repetitive elements as a way of protecting vulnerable subjects. I employ empty spaces as a reminder of the existence of flexibility and openness.

During the past four years, I have worked to refine the clarity of my message about the constriction of human fulfillment and the state of our forests and the natural world through my personal journey that examines society and the environment in crisis. Three recent gallery installations – “Ego sentio ergo sum“, “Internum fortitudinem” and “Contunitum” – where walls were completely covered in black to convey isolation embodied this concept.

4 Œuvres de la Série “Déracines” / 4 pieces from “Unroot”
2019-2020, Glass, metal and wood