“ego sentio ergo sum”

(I feel, therfore I am)

Drawn from the Latin phrase of the philosopher Rene Descartes ¨Conito Ergo Sum ¨
(I think, therefore I am) Artist Serge V Richard interprets the importance and relationship of the emotional world of the human and with his rational.

“Inspired by the symbol of a lived emotion I explore an existential crisis. I make links between the individual and his external world, between the perception via tiny windows between external and internal world. “

Two central sculptures “Intro: Ergo Sum” and “First Liberation; Ego Sentio “ occupy the center of the room. The Gallery12 has been transformed so the installation is in a kind of black box that can suffocate or suggest an entrapment. These two central works dialogue face-to-face. Their complementary profiles are divided into negative and positive forms.

The flat and black wall of the work “Intro: Ergo Sum” is needed and blocks the two figures, except that a tiny window tinted in black shows an undefined face. On the inside (the back) of the primary wall a warm tone wood, much like inside a cosy living room, two vertical pillars dominate and has a mini TV screen become cellular.

In contrast, there is a slightly inclined human profile. A gently curved bridge is filled with sand, symbol of lost time, securely connecting the two in rapport. This character profile at first sight is black, severely cut out ​​and hard as steel. On the opposite side are layers (symbolic to a natural growth) gradually superimposed on each other. A gently nuanced opening is defined by the presence of another small window at the level of the heart of the individual. “First Liberation; Ego Sentio.“ Demonstrates openness through its free space and profile suggestion. A vertical rod supports a third window at the heart. The positive space of the character is defined in emptiness, thus suggesting the experience of an inner liberation with a reduced sense of limitations.

The 4 drawings on the walls derive from a first performance at the opening of the exhibition. Richard drew shadows by projecting a directed light coming from the installation. The same creative process for two other installations will be announced and follow in the month (Nov 17 – Dec 15)

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