“… là qu’y juge / that he judges”

In reference to an other watching … judged, distorted in fear of the unknown./ Référence à l’autres qui observent … jugés, déformés par la peur de l’inconnu.

Introspection in Glass

Richard shares his fascination with glass, likening its transformative properties from liquid to solid with the mesmerizing flow of water and fire. “I appreciate its transparency, reflections, and refractions, using it as a metaphor for life’s impermanence and as a source of inspiration in my work.”

This and that,

Sometimes I have no words to describe the what, why and how of some work. Sometimes it feels finish. Sometimes it needs finished. Sometimes I need to pause and stay back. Observe the observing. Parfois, je n’ai pas de mots pour décrire le pourquoi et le comment d’un travail. Parfois, il semble terminé. Parfois, ilContinue reading “This and that,”

Something’s cooking ~

Hey everyone, I don’t post often and I’m a bit of a reclusive artist (if there’s such a term) but I feel it’s time to head out again and tell stories with shapes and forms, nuances and movements. I tend to work with metal, glass and wood but since Ukraine’s war, or rather Russian’s insidiousContinue reading “Something’s cooking ~”

Passing storm

There is natural flow with the intricate variations of intensity and nuances during the passing of a storm. Much like water streaming down a brook contouring it’s bed and boundaries or the aging lines of a sun bleached drift wood, the temperamental currents of a thunderstorm can inspire and delight the muse