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Please note: Owning any original art or prints does NOT grant reproductions rights for personal or commercial publication and usage. Please read the copyright information page “©” or navigate to CARFAC’s outside link for more information.

** No checks or bank transfers will be accepted. Only via PayPal‘s “Pay with your credit card, debit card, or bank account” payments are accepted. Thanks for your understanding.

Last but not least each original artwork is signed* and is a one time sale, so in the event two or more people buys it at similar time only the first buyer will be the owner of that original work and anyone else ‘after’ will be fully reimbursed. The odds of two buyers at the same time are very unlikely however, in case this happens this rule will apply.

* = Artist signature is optional for prints.

If shopping cart is empty please see the “Original Artworks” section;

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